High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRi) First Tests

This week we had the Queen Mary 2 cruiseship in the Sydney harbour for one day. Since the weather was good I decided to take my camera to work and go to the harbour after work. While I was in the city I also took some shots of various places in Sydney downtown.

I have been interested for a while in High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRi) photography and decided to take all of my shots with my tripod. I took all shots bracketed with -2, 0, +2 stops using the AEB mode of my Canon D50. All photos were taken in RAW format and JPEG so I can sort them easier on my PC. The only problem was that my 8GB CF card was full in no time.

There are a few tutorials (see links below) out there which provide good advise on how setup your camera and process the photos with specialized software.

Here are the results of my first attempt at HDRi photography:

My HDRi link collection:

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