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Spring Finance > Part 7: Adding support for JSON and XML views

It has been a while since I have updated the Spring Finance Manager sample application so I thought it’s time to do it now. Since my last article a few of the dependencies have cut new milestone releases.

Aside from just updating the dependencies I also added a new feature the Spring Finance Manager application: content negotiation for XML and json.

Spring Finance > Part 5: Spring Web Flow Integration

In this fifth instalment of the Spring Finance Manager series I am integrating a form wizard into the application. When developing a MVC-based Web application it becomes sometimes hard to figure out in which sequence resources should be created in case they are dependent on each other. It makes more sense to guide users through the steps in the correct sequence. This is where Spring Web Flow comes into play.

This article shows how to integrate Web flows into MVC-based applications in a sensible way.

Spring Finance > Part 4: Spring JS, Dojo & Bean Validation

In this fourth installment of the Spring Finance Manager series you will see some of the Spring JS features and also some examples of the Dojo toolkit features in action. I will also outline how the new Bean Validation API (JSR-303) fits in. In addition, I have implemented the complete domain model for the Spring Finance Manager sample application as outlined in part 1 of this series.

Spring Finance > Part 2: Spring @MVC & Spring 3.0 REST integration

This is the second article in a multi-part series which is designed to provide an overview of best practices for the Spring framework and some of its related projects and products.
The main focus of this part is on the new REST features introduced since the first milestone release of Spring 3.0.