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Spring Finance > Part 6: Spring Security 3.0 Integration

Now that Spring Security 3.0.0.M1 has been released it’s time for me to continue with the Spring Finance Manager sample application series.

This article demonstrates how to use Spring Security to protect the sample application in it’s different layers. Furthermore, this article illustrates how to use the new expression language (EL) features introduced in this first milestone release of Spring Security 3.

Spring Finance > Part 5: Spring Web Flow Integration

In this fifth instalment of the Spring Finance Manager series I am integrating a form wizard into the application. When developing a MVC-based Web application it becomes sometimes hard to figure out in which sequence resources should be created in case they are dependent on each other. It makes more sense to guide users through the steps in the correct sequence. This is where Spring Web Flow comes into play.

This article shows how to integrate Web flows into MVC-based applications in a sensible way.